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The complete 4-book Fractured Empire Saga in 2 deluxe omnibus volumes. 

Enter Mongolia in this historical epic filled with forbidden romance, political games, espionage, and war where loyalties are tested and broken. All in one epic saga that reads like a fantasy!


Genghis Khan is dead, his empire fractured by over 200 years of civil war and greed, and the last of his heirs are in danger.


In a nation torn apart by powerful men, one woman rises to save the broken Mongol empire. This series is based on the real-life Mandukhai the Wise, one of the most powerful women in Mongol history.

Available  to Pre-Order July 15-31, 2024

When the gods have vanished, who holds true power?

In the heart of the tournament, where legends are born and destinies forged, the fate of kingdoms hangs in the balance.

Aethan Starkling, a lord with dreams as vast as the realm itself, has long yearned to prove himself in the prestigious Stormvalor Tournament. 

Aslyn Kiernan, destined to ascend the throne of Novavito, faces her own dangerous trials. 

As the tournament unfolds, Aethan's path intersects with Aslyn’s. Together, they discover that strength and honor alone are not enough to secure victory.

Bast Blackblade, a hardened assassin, lives by the edge of his lethal blades, dismissing the notions of gods and friendship. But when his final payment for a completed job vanishes, Bast embarks on a treacherous journey that leads him to the heart of Stormvalor.

As alliances shift and secrets unravel, Aethan, Aslyn, and Bast must confront the truth of their own beliefs and the price they are willing to pay for victory.

Stormvalor, the first entry in Starr Z. Davies' brand new fantasy world of Divica, is the first installment in the Divica Godless Chronicles.

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Author Starr Z Davies
blood background

My name is Starr Z. Davies, bestselling author and winner of the Firebird Book Award, Pinnacle Achievement Award, and runner-up Page Turner Award winner.


I write by the lake dreaming up new ways to torture my characters. I am best known for my soul-crushing historical fantasy and genre-blending dystopian worlds of futuristic cities and fantasy realms. 

I'm an avid reader with a Bachelor's in writing and publishing. During undergrad, I gained a reputation as the Character Assassin, because I knew how to destroy (and often kill) my characters with impunity.

I have become proficient at producing action-packed, character-rich stories that my readers love. 

About me - Starr

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