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This deluxe edition of Kingdom of Tides includes:

  • reversible dust jacket
  • custom sprayed edges
  • gold foil accents
  • book ribbon

Quantities are limited, and this book will not be reprinted again.


Welcome to the grimdark, post-apocalyptic realm of the Kingdom of Tides! Dive into a world where duty and destiny collide, where love defies the boundaries of tradition. This collection features three captivating stories, each centered on a different prince within the same tumultuous kingdom.


Prince Baron, Captain of Tides, is the loyal brother to the future king. As he embarks on a journey to seek Tributes for his brother's hand, Baron's life takes a dramatic turn when he encounters the enigmatic Emry. Forbidden love blooms, leading them to challenge the malevolent intentions of the future king, with consequences darker and more twisted than they ever imagined.


Young Crown Prince Alric is destined to marry a woman with magical powers, but love has other plans. Falling for Nora, a girl with no apparent magic, Alric pleads with his father for a chance to wait and see if her magic manifests. However, the king has a dark agenda, pushing Alric and Nora into positions of his choosing. As secrets unravel, Alric must confront his father for control of the throne and his own destiny.


Prince Dominic, the king's third son, is bound by tradition to a life of celibacy. When he falls into forbidden love with Bella, he hatches a daring plan to break free from tradition and undermine his father's rule. 


Can love overcome their grim circumstances? Or will the king win?


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Kingdom of Tides Deluxe Hardcover

  • Book Features:

    • 6x9" hardcovers approx. 386 pages
    • Custom-sprayed edges (all 3 sides) 
    • Double-sided dust jackets with continuous spine art and gold foil on the front
    • Gold foil case wrap with character art and quotes
    • Continuous spine connects with the Powers Universe Box Set 
    • Custom interior formatting
    • Full-color character interior art
    • Colored endpages
    • Gold book ribbon
    • Signed, numbered, and embossed by the author

    This will be the ONLY print run for this deluxe special edition with the custom foil-embellishmebnts and color art.

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