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Bayan Mongke was born with a target on his back—the last true living heir to Genghis Khan’s legacy. To protect him from certain death, his mother and great-great-grandmother placed Bayan in the care of a family loyal to the Borjigin khans.


But as Bayan grows older, his protection becomes a prison. He is regularly taught painful lessons on respect, toughness, and legacy through fists and feet.


Yearning for a normal life where he can be like every other boy, thirteen-year-old Bayan considers running away. But can he escape the far-reaching grasp of his captors and certain brutal punishment for attempting to escape?


Before Bayan Mongke became the Golden Prince of Mongolia, he first had to learn to survive his childhood. Prosperous Eternity weaves a story of fear, desperation, and the true dangers of life for a boy on the mid-15th Century Mongolian Steppe.

Prosperous Eternity (eBook)

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