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Bundle all 3 books in Powers Trilogy and get 25% off plus a free bookmark! Quantities limited.


Having a superpower is ordinary. Your Power determines your entire life. But 17-year-old Ugene is Powerless. He can’t read minds or enhance his strength. He can’t manipulate natural matter or heal injuries.


Determined to find out why he is different, Ugene submits himself as a test subject at Paragon. But nothing is as it seems. All exits from the testing floor are sealed. Subjects endure brutal and sometimes deadly injuries. No amount of power can save them.


When his new friend Jade disappears, Ugene is shocked to discover why so many test subjects vanish without a trace.


Now, Ugene must choose between his own preservation . . . or the lives of countless other test subjects.


Ordinary is the first installment in a YA dystopian sci-fi trilogy. If you like fast-paced action, dynamic characters, and ongoing mystery, then you’ll love this series starter.

Ordinary (Signed Paperback)

  • Book Features:

    • 5x8" paperback 
    • Approx. 300 pages
    • Matte cover
    • Custom interior formatting
    • Signed and embossed by the author

    5th Anniversary Covers are Pre-order only and will not be available until March, 2025.

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