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When everyone has a superpower, no one is special.


Alex Miller thinks he's just another face in the crowd. His electromancy doesn't set him apart, but he cherishes his mundane life alongside his partner, Dante, who is his guiding light and purpose. However, tragedy strikes, snatching Dante away and forever altering Miller's existence. His once-ordinary power becomes a unique and dangerous gift—he alone can harness powers from two of the Four Branches of Powers, a combination both volatile and untamed.


Haunted by the fear of causing harm to those around him, Miller faces an agonizing decision: to seek help from the very entity he loathes, Paragon Diagnostics, a biomedical research corporation. Within the formidable walls of Paragon Tower, he hopes to gain control of his unruly abilities, thus avoiding becoming a danger to society. Yet, life inside the Tower proves anything but simple. Miller enters a world of uncertainty and danger within the walls of Paragon Tower.


As Miller navigates this treacherous new world, he encounters Jayme Murphy, his enigmatic mentor with a shock of red hair and a hidden agenda, including a passionate attraction to Miller. Danger lurks around every corner, both within the Tower's walls and deep within Miller's own psyche, forcing him to confront his inner demons and darkness, all while learning to love once more.

Miller: Origin is a compelling addition to the Powers Universe featuring a queer protagonist, M/M romance, filled with an electrifying blend of passion, superpowers, and suspense. A tale of love and self-discovery, it pushes the boundaries and beckons readers into a gripping narrative set in the immersive Powers Universe. Miller's journey will captivate readers as he battles not only external adversaries but also the darkness within himself.

Contains situations including suicidal ideations, depression, and LGBTQ characters.

Miller Origin

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