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Enter Mongolia in this historical epic filled with forbidden romance, political games, espionage, and war where loyalties are tested and broken. All in one epic saga that reads like a fantasy!


Genghis Khan is dead, his empire fractured by over 200 years of civil war and greed, and the last of his heirs are in danger.


In a nation torn apart by powerful men, one woman rises to save the broken Mongol empire. This series is based on the real-life Mandukhai the Wise, one of the most powerful women in Mongol history.


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Fractured Empire Saga Limited Edition Omnibus Set

SKU: FESOmnibus2025
Ships January 2025
  • Book Features:

    • 6x9 Hardcover with Case Wrap
    • Page Count for Volume 1: approximately 700 pages
    • Page Count for Volume 2: approximately 900 pages
    • 3 Illustrated maps (in each volume)
    • 2 Illustrated black and white artwork (one in each volume)
    • Complete Glossary & Pronunciation guide (one in each volume)
    • Signed, numbered, and embossed by the author

    This will be the ONLY print run for this deluxe omnibus set.

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