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Paige and Gavin Powers are unique. It's in their very DNA – a gift from their legendary father, the current Minister and Hero of Elpis. But the two are nothing alike.


Gavin, the wonder child, displays multiple unfathomable superpowers. He can manipulate matter and energy to his will, dissect information in seconds, and remember everything he learns perfectly. The limits of his potential have yet to be determined.


Beside her brother, Paige’s Muscle Memory is good for one thing – a special military program her father doesn’t want her to join.


Overshadowed by her gifted brother and famous father, Paige yearns to prove that she is just as good as they are. That she is a Powers through and through. So when a mysterious signal hints the citizens of Elpis may not be as alone in the world as they were led to believe, Paige eagerly joins a mission into the desolate unknown to uncover answers – accompanied by her brother and four others.


But as the reality of the outside world closes in on them, Paige and Gavin tumble into a desperate fight for survival.


Desolation is the first book of Powers Legacy, following the children of Ugene Powers as they forge their own place in the shadow of their father's legacy. A perfect series for fans of Red Queen, The Maze Runner, or The Darkest Minds. The series twists dystopian, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, and fantasy together, adding a dash of superpowers.

Desolation (ebook)

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