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What if the apocalypse happened, and only those with superpowers survived? 

What if they built a society based on those powers? 

What if you were the only one without powers?

What if you learned everything was a lie?


Welcome to the post-apocalyptic dystopian sci-fantasy realm of the Powers Universe!


Dive into a world where superpowers are ordinary, science fiction and fantasy collide; where sometimes our own conviction is more dangerous than the world around us.


Perfect for fans of the MCU, Divergent, Red Queen, Shadow and Bone, or The Hunger Games.


These 2 series and 3 companion novels come in 8 volumes.

Powers Universe Collector's Set

SKU: 364215376135191
PriceFrom $310.00
Out of Stock
  • Book Features:

    • 6x9" hardcovers approx. 275-425 pages in each book
    • Custom-sprayed edges (all 3 sides) (Each book matches the cover)
    • Double-sided dust jackets with continuous spine art on the back and anniversary release covers on the front
    • Teal foil casebound covers 
    • Continuous spines to create 1 amazing image on the shelf 
    • Custom interior formatting with comic book illustrated chapter headers
    • Digitally signed by the author

    Box Set:

    • Contains all 8 volumes 
    • Teal foil-stamped slipcase

    This will be the ONLY print run for these deluxe special editions with the custom foil-embellished slipcase.

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