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Bundle all 4 books in Powers Legacy and get 25% off plus a free bookmark! Quantities limited.

The insurrection may be over, but the invasion has just begun.


Paige wanted to go home, but not as a puppet to a power-hungry king’s will… a king determined to use her to conquer the world. As he forces her to lead the invasion against everything she knows and loves, Paige’s powers become stronger and more unwieldy.


Gavin is desperate to protect Elpis and save his sister, but to do that he must rely on the man responsible for her capture.


As the invasion begins and tenuous alliances are forged, tensions reach dangerous levels. They must learn to put their differences aside to stop the greedy king, rescue Paige, and save the world from her dangerous Powers.


Invasion is the final book in the Powers Legacy series, following the children of Ugene Powers as they forge their own place in the shadow of their father's legacy. A perfect series for fans of The Red QueenThe Darkest Minds, or The Maze Runner. The series twists dystopian, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, and fantasy together, adding a dash of superpowers.

Invasion (Signed Paperback)

  • Book Features:

    • 5x8" paperback 
    • Approx. 300 pages
    • Matte cover
    • Custom interior formatting
    • Signed and embossed by the author

    5th Anniversary Covers are Pre-order only and will not be available until March, 2025.

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